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 What WE Do :    
What We Do:
The ECPL is associated with development and consultation of medium to large-scale wind farms around India.

possesses all the skills and experience required to design, develop and operate a successful wind farm, from choosing sites and designing the project (for maximum power performance and minimum local impact), through the planning and consenting stage (including environmental assessment and finance guidance), right up to the construction and operation of a generating wind farm. We ensure projects are designed to generate power at the most competitive prices.
The development of a project requires many inputs, perhaps the most important of which, because it will make or break every project, is the commercial package. ECPL has close links with finance houses, insurers, manufacturers and legal specialists allowing us to put together the best commercial package for a particular project. Combine this with our technical and environmental expertise and ECPL is able to bring extra value to all its projects.
Our flexible, professional and exacting approach helps us to play a major role in furthering the development of this rapidly growing technology.
We are prepared to consider many kinds of schemes under many kinds of conditions - along with our expertise we think it's this flexibility which has made us the fastest growing wind energy consultant in Gujarat.


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